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Cardinals in college and Beyond

If you played lacrosse at GHS or know someone who did, we'd love to hear from you!

Let us know about your post-high school and post-college lacrosse career-


Division I

Matthew Trimmer '23 Providence College

Quinn Warwick '22 Marquette University

Jack Feda '19 Bucknell University

Matt Baugher '18   UMass

Jackson Trimmer '18 Jacksonville University 

Brandon DelCristo '17   Bucknell University

Bailey Savio '17    Loyola University

Michael Sands '16     Lafayette College

Danny Colligan '16     St. John's University

Will Perry '16     University of North Carolina

Decker Curran '15     University of Michigan

Alec Orapall '15     Holy Cross

Mike Sullivan '15     Lafayette College     

Kyle Foote '14     Loyola University 

Jack Harrington '14     Duke 

Jack Nail '14    Holy Cross

Luke Finneran '14    Bryant College

Alex Moeser '13    Hofstra

Graham Savio '13   Loyola University

Jason Sands '12    Lafayette College

Alec Webster '12   University of Virginia

David Dickson '11 Bucknell University
Eric Foote '11  Colgate University 

Colin Dunster '10   Bryant University ~ MLL ~ Denver Outlaws

Dan Noskin '10   University of Maryland  
Kyle Feeney '10    Bucknell University  ~ MLL ~ Charlotte Hounds
Jared Horowitz '09       University of Pennsylvania

Ward Waesche '09  University of Vermont

Ryan Bennincasa '08    University of Virginia

Jimmy Dunster '08   University of North Carolina  ~ MLL ~ Rochester Rattlers

James Kiernan '08   Bryant University

Jon Meyers '08    Princeton University

Tucker Stafford '08  Georgetown University
Sean Sutton '08   University of Michigan
Sean Bannon '07   Fairfield University
Jake Clark '07   Bucknell University

Nikhil Ashra '06  Princeton University

Shea Shepard '06  Denver University 

Zack Craumer '06  Colgate

Clyde McGraw  '03  University of Vermont 

Division II

Matt Feeney '08   St. Michael's College


Division III

Bryce Metalios '22 MIT

Padraig Colligan '20  Ohio Wesleyan University

Jack O'Gorman '20 Roger Williams University

Jason Tautel '20  Clark University

Charlie Graves '19  St. Lawrence University

Shiv Vaid '19  Oberlin College

JT Lawrence '18  Colorado College

Connor Santry '18  Trinity College

Alex Bologna '17   Connecticut College

Holden Tiedy '17   Stevens Tech

Callan Smith '16    Skidmore College

Kevin Moriarty '15   Wesleyan College

John Tooher '15   Rhodes College

Ryan Flippen '14   Wesleyan College

Sam Saleeby '14   Dickinson College

Renwick Wilson '14   Oberlin College

Shawn Dunster '13    Stevenson University
Dan Griffin '13    Getteysburg College

Will Waeshe '13   McGill University
Ryan Fisher '12   St. Lawrence University
Peter Cabrera '11  Franklin & Marshall
Adam Sands '11  Union College
Fritz Waine '11   Kenyon College
Daniel Feeney '11  Salisbury College
Nay Putnam '10   Drew University   

John Heard '09   Tufts University
Tyler Gwozdz '08   Trinity University
Brian Milazzo '08   Skidmore College
Barrett Polan '08   Hampden-Sydney
Bobby Sullivan '08   Union College
Sam Dickey '07  Connecticut College
Nick Edwards '07  Amherst College
Harry Fackelmayer '07  Union College

Russel Banker '06  Middlebury College

Teddy SirvitisD '06  Dickinson College

Nick Woods '06  Bates College

Nick Bastis '03  Middlebury College

Jimmy Cabrera '03  Middlebury College

Charlie Kolb '03  Middlebury College

Craig Warwick '89  St. Lawrence University


James Pilc '22 Boston College

Charlie Zola '22 Southern Methodist University

Jimmy O'Malley '21 Boston College

Tommy Rogan '15    Univ of Colorado

Ethan Polon '15   Vanderbilt University              

Michael Ellsworth '13  UCLA         

Austin Krauss '13   Elon University

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