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Tournaments, Showcases, and prospect days
This page is strictly informational. You must do your own research and find the events that work for you based on your playing level, dates, and possible college coaches in attendance. If you need a recommendation for any, email Coach Lutz directly.



  • Sophomore year

    • Start to think about what school you would like to attend (size, location, etc.)

    • Visit schools through online virtual tours, join older siblings or friends who may be touring schools, and begin preparation for standardized tests (SAT and ACT)

    • Notify coaches of your summer lacrosse plans. Create a list of realistic schools, and reach out to coaches before all tournaments 

    • September 1 prior to junior year - coaches CANNOT contact you directly, but you can write to them.  Send an email with updates about your grades and information about your spring season- schedule, big games, personal and team expectations, etc.  Update your highlight film and send a new link.

  • Junior year

    • September 1 - coaches can call, text, and email you. This does not mean you should stop reaching out to them

    • Take tests; again, early and often

    • Schedule unofficial visits (schools do not pay)

  • Senior year

    • Official visit(s) - schools pay

    • Do a good job on the application

    • Finish the year strong academically & athletically



NCAA Rules & Regulations


  • College Coaches cannot talk to you in any format about your recruitment up until September 1st of your junior year

    • The exception to this rule is service academies, who can contact you as of July 1st in the summer going into your junior year

  • Coaches are allowed to reach out to you to invite you to a prospect day

  • Division 2 and 3 coaches are not subject to the same regulations

  • YOU still can (and should) reach out to coaches prior to the September 1st date





  • The NCAA grants each division 1 team 12.6 full scholarships to divide among their team however they want

    • Most teams will allot around 3 full scholarships to a single class on average

  • Each Division 2 team gets 10.8 Full Scholarships

  • Some teams are known for promising more money in the recruitment process than they will end up providing over four years

  • Full scholarships for an individual player are incredibly rare

    • Coaches usually like to divide the money so most members of the team get some financial help

  • Division 3 schools and Ivy Leagues are not allowed to offer athletic scholarships but can offer tuition reimbursements through merit and academic offerings



Club Teams 


  • The goal of playing club lacrosse is to give yourself more exposure to college coaches through recruiting tournaments. It is also an excellent opportunity to grow your game and learn from different coaches. Below are some of the club teams in the area:


  • 2Way 

    • Highly competitive AA club teams based in Greenwich

    • One team per HS grade level

    • Practices at Brunswick School in Greenwich

    • Competitive recruiting tournaments in the summer and fall

    • Specialized recruiting help

  • Prime Time

    • Highly competitive AA club teams based in Westchester county

    • One team per grade level

    • Practices in Northern Westchester and northern Fairfield county

    • NLF (National Lacrosse Federation) affiliate member

      • Grants access to special rankings, tournaments, and showcases

    • Competitive recruiting tournaments

  • Eclipse

    • Highly competitive AA club teams and competitive A club teams based in Fairfield County

    • Two teams per grade level

    • Practices in Southern Fairfield county

    • Pay-as-you-go structure

      • Pay by season and tournament

      • Pay for practices in a single season

    • NLF (National Lacrosse Federation) affiliate member

      • Grants access to special rankings, tournaments, and showcases

    • Competitive recruiting tournaments

  • Express North

    • Competitive AA club teams and several A teams per grade level

    • As many as four teams per grade level

      • Teams vary greatly in terms of competitiveness

    • Optimal club for players who are improving, as there is greater flexibility to move players up and down levels

  • Predators

    • Competitive AA club teams

    • Usually only one team per grade level, occasionally offer a “B” team if there is enough interest

    • Based in southern Westchester County

    • Practices throughout Westchester

  • Cavalry

    • Newer club program

    • Competitive AA teams in each grade level

    • Competitive recruiting tournaments

    • Very training oriented

    • Practices in Fairfield and Ridgefield





  • Showcases are a very important part of the recruiting process. Players should target attending 1-3 showcases per summer, and 1-2 in the fall. Showcase lacrosse is different from lacrosse you will play in the spring, or even with your club team. Focus on playing your best, and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

  • Focus on showcases that have coaches in attendance for schools you would like to attend 

  • For showcases that require a coaches nomination or recommendation, reach out to Coach Lutz and your club coaches to determine the best course of action

    • Lacrosse Masters

      • Open registration

      • Many events put on throughout the year

      • Usually coaches from higher academic schools

      • Smaller, more boutique events

      • Different opportunities to fit what you need (e.g. NESCAC showcase, High academic showcase)

    • One Percent

      • Summer, Fall, and winter opportunities

      • Excellent social media exposure

      • Write-up for every player in attendance

      • All-Star game opportunity

      • You submit an application

        • Not super selective; most kids can get in

    • Future phenoms

      • Summer and winter event

      • Lots of coaching by college coaches

      • Multi-day event

      • Open registration

      • Competitive event

    • Goaliesmith

      • Not really showcases 

      • Mostly training focused

      • Registration is open to all

      • Tour model; they travel around to different areas

    • Five Star 

      • Somewhat selective event

      • You submit the application

      • Only for current sophomores in the winter, and rising juniors in the spring

      • Solid recruiting event, several games 

      • All-Star game opportunity

    • Maverik Showtime

      • The biggest showcase event of the summer

      • Usually only the top players in the country are selected

      • A coach must submit the application for you

      • Awesome gear package (helmet, gloves, head, clothes, etc.)

      • EXTREMELY competitive all-star games. A majority of all-stars commit to play high-level division 1 lacrosse

      • Every single D1 college has been presented with a coach on the sidelines for the past several years

      • Usually sells out in the fall

    • Juniors Open

      • Competitive showcase event

      • You submit the application

      • Somewhat selective

      • Larger event with many teams

    • Prep School Lacrosse Showcase

      • Boutique event held at Brunswick in early June

      • Many coaches from New England schools

      • You submit the application

      • Nearly everybody is accepted

      • One day event

    • Apex Events 

      • First Look

      • 60

      • Faceoff Summit

      • Goalie 350

        • Larger events

        • Notoriously poorly run

        • Applications are usually necessary, but nearly no one is denied

        • All-Star game opportunities

    • D3 Lacrosse Showcase

      • Well run event

      • Three times per year

      • Great event to attend if you are hoping to play D3 lacrosse in college

      • Coached by current D3 coaches 

      • Open registration

    • Main Stage

      • Extremely competitive event

      • Only open to rising juniors

      • Application can be submitted by you or your coach

      • Only the top players are selected

      • MUST have a highlight film to apply

      • All-Star game opportunity

    • Best in Class

      • Run by Deemer Class and First Class Lacrosse

      • A very training focused event

      • Very hard to get into - try to train with First Class Lacrosse if you are hoping to attend

      • You submit the application

      • Staff is composed of professional players and coaches


(Not all showcases are listed. If you have any questions about an event or need a recommendation, reach out to Coach Lutz directly.)


All-Star teams


  • All-Star teams have grown in popularity in recent years. They are a great opportunity to showcase yourself in front of college coaches with teammates from your area.

    • Under-Armour All American Games

      • Tryouts are held to determine rosters

      • Open to anyone and everyone

      • Multiple teams depending on grade level

      • Recommendations will not affect the final roster

      • Play against other areas for the chance at a championship

      • Cool experience, players are honored at the Under-Armour All-American senior games

        • Pathway to anyone hoping to make the senior all-star games

    • Nike National All-Star Games

      • Recommendations are needed

        • Speak with Coach Lutz and your club coach to determine the best course of action

      • Very competitive events, usually only the best players in a given area.

      • Teams are organized by grade level

      • Play against other teams representing their areas for the chance to win a championship




  • Grades, and your performance in school are incredibly important parts of the recruiting process. Certain schools will cross you off their lists because of your transcripts. If you are struggling in any class, reach out and get help. 

  • Coaches generally don’t like to see anything below B’s, but everybody should be aiming for A’s. Target classes that are challenging, but not overwhelming for you. Honors and AP classes are always a good look.

  • Aim to do well on standardized tests (SAT’s/ACT’s) during your junior year. Take tests early and often.


Prospect Days


  • Prospect days are very important to attend for schools you are interested in going to

  • Try to find 3 schools that are realistic targets for you, and attend their prospect days

  • Good opportunities to tour a school, meet some of the players, and get a vibe of the campus

  • NCAA regulations state that schools cannot prevent anyone from attending

  • Nearly every school has a prospect day, and many prospect days have coaches from multiple schools in attendance

  • Do your research, learn which coaches will be where


Highlight Videos


  • Highlight videos can help you get on a college coach's radar

  • Coaches will still need to see you play, but it is a great opportunity to show your best moments

  • Focus on putting the best plays at the start

  • Don’t make them too long, try to stay under 5 minutes

  • Don’t use any music with profanity

  • Many services and people can help you with your highlight video

  • You can use Krossover to send a college coach an entire game

  • Create videos as often as possible, especially as you get closer to the recruiting window


Contacting Coaches


  • CC Coach Lutz and your club coaches/directors on all emails sent to college coaches

  • Pick a list of realistic school and reach out to them periodically

    • An introductory email should provide basic information to get you on their radar

    • Update them with tournament and game schedules

    • Share highlight tapes with coaches whenever you can

    • New grades are always a good opportunity to update coaches

  • Use an appropriate email address

    • Should include your first and last name

    • School emails work well

  • Respond to coaches thoughtfully if they reach out to you

  • When talking with a coach on the phone:

    • Be yourself

    • Be honest

    • Thank them for taking the time to speak with you

  • Research the school and the program before talking to a coach

    • Try to come up with some questions to ask


Final takeaways and miscellaneous info:


  1. Players do the writing and talking to coaches.  BIG turn-off when parents are too involved. Parents should be kept in the loop at all times, but the responsibility is on the players when it comes to talking to coaches

  2. Recruiting websites/services are not necessary; they are helpful, and in many cases a club program might provide an account for you on one of these websites. It is simply another outlet to get yourself seen by college coaches.

  3. Work hard in the classroom and on the field. Grades matter just as much as your performance on the field. 

  4. Communicate your dedication directly with coaches.  

  5. Do not be afraid to ask questions. 

  6. Communication is key in the process. You need to be responsible for communicating with your club coaches and directors, as well as your parents and Coach Lutz. 

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