Tournaments, Showcases, and prospect days

This page is strictly informational. You must do your own research and find the events that work for you based on your playing level, dates, and possible college coaches in attendance. If you need a recommendation for any, email Coach Lutz directly.

July 9th – July 12th

The 2020 Tournament features two divisions in each region- the Command Division and Highlight Division. The Command Division will showcase players from the 2023 and 2024 high school graduation years, while the Highlight Division will feature the 2021 and 2022 players. Each division will compete within itself at the tryouts and main event.

New in 2020 – the Junior SPOTLIGHT division will showcase the best 2022 players from tryouts that did not make their regional Highlight team.

The regional teams are selected via tryouts during the months of May and June. Once selected, the Underclass teams will travel to Baltimore, MD and compete in the Under Armour Underclass Tournament, July 9th – July 12th. Each team will battle it out in a pool play tournament at the Under Armour All-American Lacrosse Classic® Weekend to be crowned the Nations’ Elite.

May 2020

31 Prep School showcase, Greenwich, CT


June 2020

5  Adrenaline Black card showcase, Frederica, DE

7  D3 showcase, Middletown, CT

7  UNC prospect day, Chapel Hill, NC

8-9 Lacrosse Masters prospect camp, Avon, CT

9-10 Furman prospect day, Greenville, SC

11  Williams College prospect day, Williamstown, MA

12  San Diego prospect day, Temecula, CA

13  Roanoke College prospect day, Roanoke, VA

15-16 Univ of Utah prospect day, Salt Lake City, UT

16-17 Ohio State prospect day, Columbus OH

17-18 Villanova prospect day, Philadelphia, PA

18  NXT Baltimore Showcase, Townson, MD

18  Williams College prospect day, Williamstown, MA

23  Adrenaline Summer showcase, Frederica, DE

23-25  3D Lacrosse STX showcase, Salisbury, CT

26  NLF Elite 120 showcase, Baltimore, MD

28  CBB (Bowdoin, Bates, Colby) prospect day, Brunswick, MA

29-30 Villanova prospect day, Philadelphia, PA


July 2020

7-9 Amherst College prospect day, Amherst, MA

8-9 3D STX Rising showcase, Columbia, MD

9  Madlax East Coast Showcase, Poolseville, MD

9-12 Underarmour showcase, Baltimore, MD

10  NXT Philly Showcase, Downingtown, PA

10  Adrenaline Western Showcase, USAFA, CO

15-16 Lacrosse Masters prospect camp, East Hampton, MA

16  Public school showcase, Amherst, MA

16  UNC prospect day, Chapel Hill, NC

20-22 Dartmouth prospect day, Hanover, NH

21-22 Furman prospect day, Greenville, SC

22-23 Warrior Diamond showcase, Baltimore, MD

25-26 Apex 60 Showcase, Princeton, NJ

27-28 Univ of Utah prospect day, Salt Lake City, UT


August 2020

2  Kean Univ prospect day, Kenilworth, NJ


September 2020

6  UNC prospect day, Chapel Hill, NC