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To all the supporters of the Greenwich High School boys lacrosse team:


Thank you so much for your generous donations.  Your support will help us supply the entire program with all of the necessities needed to compete for a championship this spring.  Please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, Text, and Email.  With this donation to a 501 (c) 3 charity, you will be getting a receipt for your gift that may be tax deductible.  Our team has been working hard to properly represent this great school and town and any additional support is greatly appreciated. Go Cards!

Donations go to ALL THREE LEVELS OF THE LACROSSE PROGRAM and help cover the cost of balls (over a thousand of them!), field equipment, helmet stickers, gear, and charitable donations made to local organizations or to members of the community in need.   

thank you to our supporters!

John Doe $50     "Best of luck this season... win it all!"

Jane Jones $150   "Great good John, we are so proud of you!"

Anonymous $50

Thank you for your support!

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