Recruiting Steps
  • Establish criteria - what's important (academics, size, etc)

  • Do your best in the classroom

  • Take standardized tests (SAT's/ACT's) early and often

  • Visit college campuses

  • Establish a list of schools based on mutual interest

  • Return for overnight visits to top choices

  • Make decision


Sophomore year

  • Start of think about what you want

  • Visit schools, take tests (SAT subject tests)

  • Notify coaches of your summer lacrosse plans

  • September 1 prior to junior year - coaches CANNOT write to you, but you can write to them.  Send an email with updates about your grades and spring season.  Update your highlight film and send a new link.

Junior year

  • take tests; again, early and often

  • Schedule unofficial visits (schools do not pay)

  • July 1 - schools can call and visit

Senior year

  • Official visit(s) - (schools can pay)

  • Do a good job on the application

  • Finish the year strong academically & athletically

A few take-a-ways:

       1.    Players do the writing and talking to coaches.  BIG turn-off when parents are too involved.

       2.    Online  videos should include highlights, not a full-game.  With Krossover, you can send a coach a full game if requested. Sometimes coaches want to see other aspects of you game that you may not have included in you highlight film.

       3.    Recruiting websites/services are not necessary.

       4.    Work hard in the classroom and on the field.

       5.    Communicate your dedication directly with coaches.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.